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Why this blog about Belarus?

Belarus is a European country with a European heritage. Writers, musicians, philosophers and religious thinkers from this region had been part of European mainstream culture since the middle ages.  A little over 200 years ago  the region became part of the Russian empire.

These days, Belarus appears in and out of the Western media when Belarusians express their discontent and when the authorities crack down against them. 

These blogs have been written on various themes relating to Belarus and the people who live here in the past and present-day. The authors reflect on different aspects of Belarus society. We aim to bring alive the country, the culture and the history and also the people that make it.

Alan Adamou

Grateful thanks to all those who have contributed, either knowingly or unwittingly. - especially to my brother for his work on putting together the original version of Danuta's story, to Dzmitry for his help in getting this started and to Sukumar for bringing it to the next level.

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